Jeremy Kesseler
Station Director | DJ | Founder

Jeremy Kesseler


I grew up in the 80’s with the magnificent sound of guitars, drums, pop and rock music. Like you, I believe that the 80’s was a decade that brought nothing but good music.

It also was an era with a lot of inventions, musically. Many new genres ‘were invented’. And I like music innovation with real music, played with real instruments. What about you?

80’s forever! So that is why we started 80s ALIVE, to keep those 80’s alive. I believe strongly in playing all the hits that have high energy. Power Pop & Rock off course 🙂

While talking with a lot of friends, family member, media colleagues en radio listeners in the past years, we found out that ‘the need’ for ‘that feeling of the 80s’ was BIG! It is therefore our mission to keep those 80s ALIVE!

As one of the founders of 80s ALIVE it’s my passion to share my love for the 80s and the music of this decade with you. Actually ‘Music was my first love’, combined with working years and years in the media industry and the love for radio.

Hope to talk to you soon! Tune in to 80s ALIVE.


DJStation Director